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About Us

Quinky was born in 2021 after two longtime friends decided it was time to combine our passion for individuality & vintage clothing in to our own business. 

We started off trading, travelling up and down the UK selling vintage clothes and accessories, but soon became tired of badly run events, poor event management and seeing customers disappointed with the same thing, each and every time.

Thus; Quinky Events were born in 2023!


We have challenged ourselves to use our knowledge and experience to put on events that not only customers will love, but traders will feel happier at. We're also making it our mission to benefit a local charity at every location we host in - be that with a free trading spot or donations from the door fees.

For all vintage fairs that we will be hosting across the UK, please check out our "upcoming events" section.

If you wish to trade at our fairs, please see the "Apply to trade" section on the site. We are also happy to answer any questions on our chat function.

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